Becky Lane

“Marshmallows are such a fun thing to make. They are like a blank canvas; they can be flavored in so many different ways.”

Becky Lane

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Becky Lane, more commonly known as “Becky the Bakester,” is on a mission to spread joy and make marshmallows the most interesting and delicious thing ever. Her puffed confections and marshmallow bonbons are works of art that are certain to renew one’s faith in the world.

Although Becky started baking as a child, she didn’t discover her true love for cooking until she married her husband. Soon after, she attended culinary school at Robert Morris University. But between the high cost of living in the Chicago suburbs and starting a family, she decided to put her culinary aspirations on hold for the time being.

Her light-bulb moment came during the chaos of COVID-19, when Becky turned to cooking and baking to relieve stress. It didn’t take long for her to realize this was the time to pursue her culinary aspirations. Her desire to start a business and pursue a love of creating marshmallows, chocolates, and other treats gave way to a 15-year career in digital media and instructional design.

So often when people think of marshmallows, a cylinder-shaped vanilla marshmallow from the grocery store comes to mind. However, Becky creates an offbeat and distinctly delectable assortment of mallows that include toasted coconut, cotton candy, peppermint, and cookies and cream. Her bonbons add a layer of salted caramel and are covered in rich dark or milk chocolate.

”One comment I have heard numerous times is, “I don’t normally like marshmallows, but yours are amazing,” says Becky the Bakester, an old-timey word to denote a female baker.

The Bakester invests a great deal of care and craft in making each mallow, and the flavors are so on point. These are the marshmallows you never knew you needed.

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