“I often work with nature’s flowers, plantings, and both private and public gardens.”



Critt Hunter was a Kentuckian for 62 years. Little did the painter realize that he would find a welcoming community that supports and values the arts when he moved to Indianapolis.

“Without a doubt, my seven-plus years as a proud Hoosier presented a validation to my painting that I never experienced,” he says.

Critt taught public school visual art for 22 years, promoting his students’ work, building their self-esteem and facilitating scholarship programs. Retiring after 42 years in various levels of education, he took a deep dive into his painting practice during the COVID lockdown.

“I often work with nature’s flowers, plantings, and both private and public gardens. With all my paintings, I work from a photograph. Since I am right-handed, I begin with a thin wash to the left side of the canvas, building layer upon layer,” says Critt.

He seeks to share the beautiful or interesting things he notices in everyday moments close to home or when visiting Indiana sites, often featuring historical architectural elements in his paintings, such as the Neoclassical detailing of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis that he describes as breath-taking, the formidable base of a lamp post, or the intricate details of the Lafayette, Indiana, courthouse. “Why not slow down, pause, and analyze the sharpness of horizontals and verticals with the contrast of the organic curving lines,“ asks Critt.

He brings an element of abstraction into his work by focusing on the patterns, rhythms, and colors he finds in his subject matter. His layered complementary color schemes combined with unexpected hues create a gentle energy and stillness.

Critt’s paintings have juried into various regional exhibits and art fairs, including the Penrod Art Fair and the Hoosier Salon. Nickel Plate Arts honored Critt as its 2022 Emerging Artist Award Recipient.

“When my paintings were accepted into The Hoosier Salon, I decided that my work merited application to Indiana Artisan. This acceptance is a huge deal to an old, country art teacher. A validation that I never imagined possible.” says Critt.



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