“A wise weaver once told me that I was weaving for the individual. One designed piece, meant for one person. They will find each other. ”


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Looms always fascinated Day Carr. As a child of 5, she saw her first one and it was love at first sight — even though it would still be years before she would have one of her own.

Day lives at the foot of Mount Pisgah in LaGrange. Her studio is tucked into a small hillside surrounded by fields, trees, and gardens. Reflecting on the beauty of changing seasons surrounding her from morning to dusk is a great source of inspiration woven into her fiber work. Day’s weaving process combines textures and colors, creating tactile hues of extraordinary beauty. The outcomes are both surprising and satisfying as the design possibilities are truly endless.

“When designing wearable art, I have to consider many variables that will affect my weaving: such as color, fiber, threading, and the study of old and new weaving drafts.” says Day. “My weaving process requires careful consideration of different fibers and colors to reflect the design I’ve chosen. When dressing my loom, I intentionally cross certain colors to create shades of surprise beauty. Another design element I have to focus on is the threading and treadle tie-ups in my weaving; I am continually experimenting with old and new weaving drafts in an effort to produce a totally new and unique piece of cloth. The older black and white drafts intrigue me the most—they link me to the past where our
midwestern ancestors, the true craftsmen and women, valued their cloth and left a legacy of weaving for me to learn from and follow.”

“ In my designs, I strive for comfort, beauty, ease of wear as well as making a statement. The fibers and colors are chosen with extreme care considering each piece I’m creating and what season it is intended to be worn. Each piece
consists of natural, breathable fibers that are almost entirely made by other artists or companies that support and sustain artists: locally and abroad. I enjoy creating items that people can grab and throw on due to its versatility and originality, so that each piece grows into an extension of its wearer. As a midwest fiber artist who loves her family,friends, and surroundings, I can’t claim to be the best, but I love what I do and will continue to imbue each piece I
weave with the peacefulness of my Indiana valley.”

Day has spent many years pursuing excellence in her fiber designs. She is delighted that her work has gained recognition from Indiana Artisan.

“I truly want my handwovens to bring as much joy and satisfaction to the wearer, as I had in creating them.” she says.

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