Bohman Bee Company

“With the changing seasons and floral sources, each honey harvest has a unique taste. We bottle that flavor just as bees make it — raw.”

Bohman Bee Company

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“Whether it is spring locust blossoms, summer wildflowers, fruit trees, or blackberry blooms, each of our honeys has a unique flavor,” says Indiana Artisan Kevin Bohman. “Our honey truly reflects the blossoms of the special Indiana areas where our bees forage.”

Rationing during World War II gave the Bohman family the impetus to raise bees and make honey. Even though production shut down production for nearly a quarter of a century, generations of knowledge, technique and passion survived.

“We take pride in delivering local, raw honey,” Kevin says. “Each bottle captures the essence of a certain time and place in Indiana.”

Back in 1942, it didn’t worry farmer Harry Bohman, Kevin’s great-grandfather, when sugar became the first food to be rationed during the war. He figured he could replace it with honey for cooking. Keeping his farm operational, on the other hand, did worry him because he needed fuel and tires for his equipment. So he raised bees for personal use and traded his sugar rationing stamps for ones to provide for his farm’s needs.

Rationing eventually ended. Beekeeping at the Bohman farm didn’t. Passed down through the generations, raising bees to make honey ultimately led to opening Bohman Bee Company in 2012.

Today, the enterprise owns and manages more than 200 hives throughout the southern part of the state, selling to more than 20 stores in Indiana and Ohio, including at the Indiana Artisan store in the French Lick Resort Hotel.

The bees inspire Kevin to continue developing the family business and Indiana honey.

“From the way they communicate through scent and dancing to their communal mentality, it’s truly fascinating to watch the intricacies of a honey bee colony,” he says. “We love being able to escape the hustle and noise of the world to be engulfed in nature.”

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