Kyle Spears

“I see things as they are and accept them as beautiful. I do not seek to create, rather to capture.”

Kyle Spears


Kyle Spears fell in love with photography 16 years ago after his father encouraged him to take a photography class as an undergraduate at Indiana University. He’s been fascinated with the process of creating art through photographic images ever since.

“Nothing can compare with the anticipation of capturing an image, and then going into the darkroom and seeing the image come to life in the developer,” says Kyle, who started his photography career using film cameras and now has completely transitioned to digital photography.

“I incorporate traditional and digital printing techniques to expose a specific component, be it an understated or exemplified element within the composition. I continually explore the textural and tonal elements of each image. Traditional and digital photography mediums are interrelated; with both offering a means for translation of emotion and graphic conceptualization,” Kyle says.

Kyle says he wants his artistic photography to express a feeling, invoke a thought and engage the viewer in the spirit of the image. He finds inspiration in traveling to new places and trying to capture everything he sees in a new and unique way.

“My work leans towards a graphic and emotional perspective; framing a visual harmony between people and their environment,” Kyle says. “My method, subject matter, and composition all provide an outlet for my individual interpretation of a moment in time.”

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