Lunar Infusions

“I enjoy nerding out on what is happening on a biological level and I love using my intuition to create new flavors. Together, this takes my product to the next level.”

Lunar Infusions

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Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage

Instantly intrigued after tasting the ancient elixir Kombucha for the first time in 2010, Sarah Trombley decided she wanted to explore making her own soothing, but invigorating home brew.

The self-described health nut started her journey to learn all-things-Kombucha in California by sharing her creations with family, friends and anyone else willing to try it.

Soon unable to keep up with demand for her handcrafted Kombucha, Sarah flirted with the idea of starting her own company. In the meantime, she fell in love, got married and moved to Indiana, where she found Hoosiers loved her healthy fermented tea beverages just as much.

In October 2017, Sarah started her own company, Lunar Infusions LLC, in Fort Wayne. Today, customers can find Lunar Infusions bottled or on draft at about 30 retail locations, as well as festivals, trade shows and markets throughout Indiana.

“It is 100% a creation that comes from my heart,” says the self-taught foodist. “I did not create Lunar Infusions because I wanted something to sell, or to start a business. The business was created because everyone who tried my Kombucha wanted to buy it and it was a completely organic evolution of my passion or hobby.”

With Lunar Infusions’ signature flavors, including Golden Goddess, Hibiscus Eclipse, Chaga Bliss, Transcend and Divinity, Sarah experiments with seasonal flavors based on the fruits and herbs grown by local farmers. For instance, the company’s most popular flavor, Blue Dream, is made from blueberries, lavender and nettle.

“I wanted to make a flavor with the most delicious organic blueberries I have ever tasted by Hontz Farm in North Webster, Indiana, and I added lavender and nettle to round out the flavor and nutrient profile,” Sarah says. “Indiana has so many amazing farmers and featuring local ingredients just feels right.”

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