Lynne Medsker

“Making art is a relaxing, calming part of my slightly chaotic life. I hope that Zen sort of feeling is enjoyed by those who view it.”

Lynne Medsker

Batik on Paper

Indiana Artisan mixed media artist Lynne Medsker describes herself as: “Randomly creative artist. Photographer. Wife, mother, grandmother. Traveler. Adventurer. Domestic goddess (when I so choose). Lover of family, friends, chocolate, and wine. Not always in that order!”

She doesn’t include “scientist,” yet each piece of her work is an experiment in art that combines drawing, coloring and waxing.

“I’m very much a learn-by-doing type of artist,” Lynne says. “I love to read, research and explore techniques independently. I’m not scared to try much of anything artistically, and I seem to learn something from each experiment, regardless of whether it’s successful.”

Using a laborious batik process Lynne credits as her inspiration, she creates her art on thin, strong sheets of handmade, eco-friendly paper. She draws a design and uses India ink to add color in multiple areas, which she protects with a layer of melted wax that hardens. She splashes a variety of ink and watercolors on unprotected areas, lets those dry, then coats the entire surface with more melted wax.

Next, she does something no one wants to see happen to 2D art: Lynne crumbles it to develop lines and cracks in the wax layers, which is where another application of ink or watercolor seeps in and creates random lines, designs and patterns on the surface underneath. When the coloring process is complete, the art is blanketed in newsprint and ironed to remove the wax.

“There is something about adding layers, subtracting layers, things that may even get lost in the layers of materials I use that reminds me of the path of our lives,” she says.

She sums up her work as: “A little surprising, usually happy, splashy, and colorful with small details that aren’t seen at first glance; but the closer you get the more they reveal themselves.”

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