Marsha’s Specialty Desserts & Tierney’s Catering

“Special quality time with my grandfather always involved delicious treats, cakes in particular. Grandaddy was my hero, and I wanted him to be proud of me and my baking.”

Marsha’s Specialty Desserts & Tierney’s Catering

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Marsha’s Specialty Desserts
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Marsha Quarles says her delectable pound cakes exemplify what it means to be a Hoosier — authentic, warm, inviting, down-to-earth, and original.

“We use the freshest products to make our pound cakes. Small batches ensure the love, care, attention, and time poured into each one is noticed — from the smell, to the taste, to the presentation,” says Quarles, who runs the family-owned Marsha’s Specialty Desserts & Tierney’s Catering in Avon. 

“You eat with your eyes first, so how our products are presented is very important to us,” adds the master baker who’s been perfecting her craft for more than 30 years.

Her cream cheese pound cake delights the taste buds with its beautiful golden brown crust and buttery yellow interior that’s soft, moist and rich with cream cheese and vanilla, and topped with a swirl of buttercream icing. The sock-it-to-me pound cake features cinnamon, brown sugar, pecans, moist pound cake, and a decadent glaze.

Marsha often thinks of special times spent with her grandfather when she bakes, and the idea of Hoosier hospitality — being warm, engaging, friendly, kind, and courteous to any person you encounter — also appeals to her.

“We want all of those attributes to shine through our treats as well,” Marsha says. “We have worked hard for 30 years to carefully cultivate our products. It is really special to us to become a part of the Indiana Artisan family.”

Jurying in her work for others to judge wasn’t easy.

“You have to be very courageous to present a piece of yourself for other people to inspect,” Marsha says. “Being an artist is a very personal process. Your art really does do all of the talking for you.”

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