Rena Brouwer

“Painting gives peace and tranquility to an otherwise hectic environment. This time becomes moments of reflection on life and what I know and feel.”

Rena Brouwer

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In junior high, Rena Brouwer’s art teacher noticed Rena had an exceptional gift for watercolor. Throughout her corporate career, Rena pursued art and taught watercolor at colleges, museums and statewide community venues. Having created exceptional watercolors for more than 30 years, she also has taught watercolor at national conventions.

“Taking a brush loaded with color and touching it to a surface that explodes, intermingles and changes before you, that’s inspiring,” Rena says. “The fluid’s creative effects stretch my imagination.”

International jurors have told her that her style is unique.

“I would say my work is a personal interpretation of the subject,” she says. “It is a language I have visually worked to develop for my audience.”

As a Hoosier artist, her work is Indiana-inspired because she paints what she knows and experiences.

In 2006, Rena was one of 10 Indiana artists selected by internationally known jurors for the Preserving Nature project, through the Central Indiana Land Trust. Her work was awarded Outstanding Watercolor from the collection of statewide art exhibited, and she continues to work with nature groups throughout Indiana to promote preservation of habitat through her art.

Working as an artist has given Rena many opportunities – several grants and residencies to teach art and seats on several state and local boards for art and watercolor groups. She currently is a resident artist of the Delphi Opera House and is working in collaboration with local musicians.

Rena believes Indiana Artisan gives her opportunities to network and promote her work.

“It is an honor to be selected and to be among the few accepted,” she says. “As a small business, it is wonderful to be promoted throughout the state.”

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