Savannah Jacob

“Ceramic work demands patience. I love the process; it's detailed, finicky, infuriating, and magical."

Savannah Jacob

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Savannah Jacob carves a bit of her Southern Indiana childhood into the surface designs of her elegantly shaped, ergonomically correct ceramics.

Using a technique called sgraffito, which is Italian for scratching, she scratches delightful illustrations of peonies, tiger lilies, snails and box turtles into raw clay, as well as an abundance of irises, a salute to her historic Indianapolis neighborhood.

It is a challenging artistic medium that inspires Savannah, leading to
enchanting results. “Each step in the process can transform into a meditative experience if you allow it,” she says.

Savannah grew up thinking she would be an illustrator until she unearthed a passion for clay during her senior year at the Herron School of Art and Design at IUI. She has been immersed in it ever since. “There was something physically magnetic and captivating about forming something in the third dimension that I could not have predicted,” she explains.

Her journey continued as Savannah refined her skills working as a production potter, delving into the intricate details of ceramics. That experience pushed her to take a leap of faith, transitioning into a full-time ceramicist.

“My art is one-of-a-kind because of my dedication to creating. I am not so naive as to believe I am able to create alone,” she says. “The entire arts community of Indianapolis, the Indiana Arts Commission, Indianapolis Arts Council, local vendor groups, and my family are all integral support systems that encourage and allow me to create with a passion and dedication that would otherwise be untapped. They are all why my work is as developed as it is and of the quality that it is.”

Before applying to have her work earn the Indiana Artisan recognition, Savannah discovered a sense of community among members at a workshop, the promise of career-building prospects, and the potential for increased exposure of her ceramics. “It is truly an honor to receive the Indiana Artisan designation,” she says. “This distinction grants me the great privilege of being interconnected with truly amazing artisans, individuals with whom I otherwise would not connect in such a meaningful way.”

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