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Schnabeltier Wine


Handyman. Dairy lab technician. Cheesemaker and Vinter extraordinaire.

Glenn Goss wears many hats for Schnabeltier, a Northern Indiana company that focuses on cheese, wine and beer production. Since Schnabeltier (pronounced “schna-bel-tier”) opened in 2015, Goss’ high-quality artisan cheeses and award-winning wines have delighted taste buds across the region.

Initially working as a part-time handyman for a group of childhood friends operating a technology business, Goss easily transitioned into Master Cheesemaker when the group decided to diversify and start a European-inspired, artisan cheese creamery. After all, Goss had 20 years of previous cheesemaking experience.

“As successful entrepreneurs we learned very early that anything is possible if you have the right human resources,” says Kori Pugh, Schnabeltier’s Operations Manager. “You simply have to put the right people in the room together and anything can happen.”

Goss made something special happen after learning traditional techniques and Old World-style recipes and tips from a cheese-making couple from the Netherlands. Using creamery equipment imported from the Netherlands, Goss combines cultures imported from the Netherlands with top quality, locally sourced milk from a small family farm in Bourbon, Indiana, to create his delectable cheeses.

The artisan cheeses include: Loyal Gouda, Tippecamoo Cheddar, Rochester Raclette, Athens Asiago, Bliss Gruyere, Pershing Swiss and fresh cheese curds. All cheeses are handmade one batch at a time, and a variety of flavors can be incorporated into any batch. Goss also creates 30 varieties of wine, ranging from dry to sweet, along with several limited editions.

Schnabeltier operates out of a modern, 7,500-square-foot facility featuring state-of-the-art cheesemaking, winemaking and brewery equipment and a large cheese aging room that can hold up to 20,000 pounds of cheese. Goss’ artisan cheeses are crafted to pair exquisitely with his palate-pleasing wines.

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