Scott Ward

“When I apply a new technique and explore it to my limits, it is exciting. I find gratification when I create something no one else thought of.”

Scott Ward


Scott Ward took an uncommon path to finding his art in metalsmithing brass, copper and silver jewelry.

“My wife knits a lot, and she asked me to make some shawl pins,” says the engineer-turned-artist who grew up farming in Indiana before enlisting in the U.S. Army Special Forces.

“As I was learning to bend and shape the wire, I discovered how much I enjoyed the process of transforming a piece of metal into a piece of wearable art,” he explains. “As my skill grew and I learned different techniques for creating more complex items, the craftwork consumed more of my time and thoughts.

“Before long, I was spending all of my spare time creating different items while expanding my knowledge of silversmithing and metal working.”

During a vacation to Tennessee, the couple watched a man engraving silver in a small shop. “His jewelry was so beautiful, it really captured my attention. After watching him for a few minutes, I knew this was what I wanted to do,” Scott says.

Each piece of Scott’s jewelry starts with a blank, flat sheet of metal. His intricate, graceful designs on bracelets and earrings are created using a tool he compares to a tiny jackhammer. Designs range from modern to traditional.

“When I create a piece of jewelry, I am never finished. Each new technique learned adds to the complexity and interest of that piece and the ones that follow,” he says. “There always is something that can be cut better, designed or crafted in a different fashion.”

Opportunities for collaboration, learning and developing business capabilities attracted Scott to Indiana Artisan. The sought-after designation, he says, “shows my work can stand on its own.”

By taking the road less traveled, Scott journeyed down a whole new pathway into metalsmithing.

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