Sean Kingston

"A purely utilitarian object can lure me as much as a sculptural, nonfunctional art piece, however, the combination of the two is where I get the most joy."

Sean Kingston

CityBeech Grove

Metal artist Sean Kingston manipulates raw metal bar-stock using heat, pressure, reduction, or adhesion, while skillfully creating a thoughtfully crafted object. Whether the piece is purely sculptural or utilitarian, he gives artful attention to both form and function.

“My technique is determined based on its relevance and truth. My work is a combination of forging, machining, and fabricating.”  says Sean. There are not black-and-white rules, so he asks himself, “Is it appropriate for this object to be forged or would it be best suited to be machined?”

Whatever the method, Sean Kingston has a talent for leveraging metal for all it has to offer in aesthetics and physical properties.  Sean lives and creates in Beech Grove  but learned and refined his forging skills while working many years for Jack Brubaker, a master blacksmith in Brown County.

While there is a level of precision attainable in forging, Sean found that his designs sometimes needed more, and that’s where machining came into the equation. Much of what Sean knows about machining is self-taught but supported by a foundational knowledge learned from his father, a machinist for over 50 years.

“From a simple hook to an intricate railing, I cannot name a single object that I’ve created that hasn’t already been made, in some form, by another artist/craftsperson. However, the difference is the unique outcome of how each mind and its hands create.”  adds Sean. “ I see the things we create as an expression of myself and how I view the world, colored by my experiences. I translate emotion and thought into physical form.”

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