Wendy Myers-Meyer

“ I aspired to become an Indiana Artisan for nearly 10 years. It became a goal. I wanted to become a part of this amazing group of creatives.”

Wendy Myers-Meyer

Morgansterns Bookstore and Cafe, Bloomington

Wendy Myers-Meyer became enchanted with silver work when she was introduced to it in her high school art class in Goshen. Years later, after raising her family, Wendy earned a BFA in Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing from IU Bloomington. She had the fantastic opportunity to study under the legacy of Alma Eikerman, an American metalsmith, silversmith and jewelry designer who was instrumental in building the metals program at Indiana University, known to be one of the best in the country.

“I find color exciting and inspiring. I have been drawn to the work of Vincent Van Gogh nearly all my life, especially his painting, ‘Starry Night’,” says Wendy. “ I am intrigued by the undulating motion in this particular work.”

Less is more is her guiding aesthetic. Clean lines and a selective color palette that expresses motion, movement and flow characterize Wendy’s jewelry designs and are part of her distinctive style.

She creates with cloisonné, an enameling technique that is an ancient art dating back to the Byzantine era; it is primarily known today from Chinese and Japanese examples. Wendy’s handcrafted pieces begin with metal sheets and wire. Her work evolves using fine silver, jeweler’s copper, brass, enamel, acid etching and forging, as well as jeweler’s saws and files to add personality and quality, all while bending the cloisonné wires to create a line drawing.

Traditionally, each enclosure formed by these wires holds a single enamel color. The enamels, which vary from opaque to transparent, are grains of glass colored with metal oxides that can be mixed and layered, producing special effects. Each layer of enamel is then fired in a kiln, fusing the powdered glass and holding the wires in place. Additional layers are added in the same way and fired after each layer. Finally, Wendy polishes the completed enamel work with an alundum stone, then fires it one last time, to create a smooth, soft shine.

Silver work enchanted her. Now Wendy’s designs enchant her collectors.

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