Indiana Artisan IN Columbus Exhibition, June 1 – August 15

Experience the extraordinary and explore the state’s heritage at Indiana Artisan IN Columbus, an art show of some of the best work created by Hoosiers. The exhibit, which is part of the Columbus Area Bicentennial Celebration, will showcase more than 100 pieces of art. Indiana Artisan IN Columbus will be open from June 1-Aug. 15 […]

Watch a whimsical cartoon sculpture come to life during April 10 Gallery Walk

Imagine a sloth doffing a fishing hat, a frog decked out in a bow tie and top hat, or a long-eye-lashed giraffe draped in jewels.  Whimsical, yet realistic at the same time, these cartoon taxidermy sculptures made of paper clay bring a smile to anyone who sees them—exactly as mixed-media artist Wendy Simon intends, as […]