Al Knight

“World destinations provide intrigue and perspective, but my Hoosier connection reinforces my values and sense of place in the world."

Al Knight

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Al Knight is a self-taught photographer, working professionally since 2004. His journey as an artist began at age 14 when he received his first camera and photographed his family’s Florida vacation. He has been exhibiting his photography in the Midwest ever since.

Born at the start of World War II, Al’s perspective as an artist has been shaped by the contrasting periods of economic difficulty and prosperity through which he has lived. Life has taught him to help the less fortunate, to do his part and to never throw anything out because he may need it in the future. These messages have inspired him to portray ordinary items as pieces of interest rather than junk.

Photography is Al’s outlet for passing these messages to others.

“I seek to occupy rooms not yet occupied and to open doors not yet opened,” he says. “I search for a unique perspective. I enjoy the simplicity of our past and how our society when necessary can survive, cope and then prosper in spite of economic depressions, horrific wars and natural calamities. I want to save what is left.”

Al holds a bachelor’s degree in business from The Ohio State University and a master’s in Organization Development from Purdue. He taught at Purdue for 30 years before retiring in 2004. He is a member of Artist’s Own, a cooperative gallery in Lafayette.

Becoming an Indiana Artisan thrilled Al and bolstered his confidence as an artist.

“It has challenged me to do what I need to do to succeed on a wider stage with a more discriminating audience,” he says.

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