You value artists. Artists value Indiana Artisan.

Indiana Artisans are at the top of their field. They produce exceptional work, have exceptional skills, and oftentimes sustain a family tradition of creating a multi-generational art, craft, food or beverage. They are the thread that forms the state’s cultural fabric.

There’s nothing artists enjoy more than a day in the studio or kitchen. There’s often nothing that challenges them more than running every aspect of their business, usually single-handedly and often in small or rural communities where sales opportunities are limited.

That’s why they value Indiana Artisan. We provide free business practice workshops and technical assistance. We market and promote their work. We create sales opportunities. We host events where artists can build awareness of their work one-on-one with art enthusiasts.

“Roughly 95 percent of my sales are directly related to being part of Indiana Artisan. Its events, retail options and promotion have increased my visibility and reputation throughout the state.”


Your gift to Indiana Artisan enables us to identify, recognize and promote the work of Indiana’s highest-quality Artisans. It supports programs to help artists thrive even in challenging times. Your gift ensures that talented fellow Hoosiers can continue weaving Indiana’s cultural fabric.

If you are looking for more ways to become involved, financially or otherwise, please contact Indiana Artisan President/Executive Director Rosalyn Demaree, 317.964.9455.

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Your donation to Indiana Artisan, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Upon donation, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.