Artisans leverage Indiana Artisan’s education, networking and sales programs to engage in a statewide collective to grow their businesses and business skills. You can support their ongoing success through a variety of programs that sustain the organization.


Become a Friend of Indiana Artisan to demonstrate how much you value the people and stories behind fine, handcrafted work and how you embrace a culture of true Hoosier craftsmanship.

Your membership will give you exclusive visits in the studios, kitchens, workshops, wineries, and galleries of Hoosiers across the state who create the highest-quality art, fine craft, and one-of-a-kind foods and beverages in Indiana today. The gatherings will delight your senses as you live an artisan’s life for a few remarkable hours.

Experience an Artisan's Life

Imagine one of Indiana’s finest metalsmith jewelry designers welcoming you into her studio, sharing how she makes intricate pieces and demonstrating her techniques. Picture yourself in a small group, sipping wines and learning secrets of vinting award-winning varietals at a Hoosier winery. Visualize what it’s like to stand at a painter’s side, watching as he brings life to an empty canvas. Take in the texture and aroma of a chocolatier’s kitchen as simple ingredients become mouth-watering treats.

Friendship offers Advantages

Friends of Indiana Artisan develop a deeper appreciation of artisanal work by joining and cultivating relationships with artisans, as they explain their artistic process at Friends events, the spring Marketplace and the fall Holiday Marketplace, all of which members attend for free.

Additionally, with a 2-year membership, you can host your own Indiana Artisan Experience with up to 10 personal friends inside the Indiana Artisan Gifts & Gallery store in the Carmel Arts & Design District. One or two artists will demonstrate their creative process while your group leisurely enjoys complimentary wine and chocolates. It is free of charge, one of the advantages of joining Friends of Indiana Artisan.

Book a date and time at [email protected], and then prepare for a fun experience with fascinating artists and friends.

Your one-year Friend of Indiana Artisan membership provides:

  • Free admission to occasional studio events with artisans.
  • Free admission to the spring Indiana Artisan  Marketplace in Indianapolis. (A $10-$20 value)
  • Free admission to the Indiana Artisan Holiday Marketplace – a great source for holiday gifts! – in Fort Wayne. (A $7-$14 value)
  • Invitations to Indiana Artisan shows and events at galleries and museums around the state.

Your two-year Friends of Indiana Artisan provides all the one-year benefits twice plus

  • Your own individual Indiana Artisan Experience for you and a group of friends in the Indiana Artisan Gifts and Gallery store

Your contribution to helping Hoosier craftsmanship thrive

Become a Friend of Indiana Artisan in support of the state’s finest artists and food producers. Membership fees help artists and food producers expand their businesses and define this state by its art, fine craft, foods, and drink.


• $55 for 1-year, 1 person
• $100 for 1-year, 2 people
• $80 for 2-year, 1 person
• $150 for 2-year, 2 people

Let’s be Friends! Become a member and receive a hearty welcome and a quick invitation to upcoming events.

Standing at painting booth

Become a marketplace sponsor

The Indiana Artisan Marketplace attracts nearly 5,000 people from around Indiana and seven other states who appreciate high-quality, finely crafted art, food and beverage. In nine years, sales have topped $3 million for the artists, positioning it as an ideal location for sponsoring businesses to share their message with the Indiana fine art and small-batch food communities.

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Interested in volunteering for Indiana Artisan or an Indiana Artisan event like our popular Marketplace? We would love to hear from you. Contact us to find out how you can help!


Art and food/beverages carrying the Indiana Artisan logo are known for their exceptional design/quality, meticulous handcrafting, and painstaking originality.

The Indiana Artisan brand defines Indiana art and raises awareness across the nation about the fine work made in the state. Show your support for the highest quality Indiana-made art and food products by purchasing sponsorship ads in the Indiana Artisan Viewbook, a 40,000-circulation annual catalog showcasing the Best of Hoosier Craftsmanship.

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Indiana Artisan gift cards provide the perfect gift for any occasion. Celebrate special moments, check off your holiday to-do list, or wish someone happy birthday with the Best of Hoosier Craftsmanship. A simple click of a button lets you buy one in any amount. Gift cards are redeemable at both Indiana Artisan retail stores and never expire.