Brenda Schori

“The feel of the yarn in my hands as I wind warps and dress the loom, and the rhythmic movements and sounds as I weave are a centering, calming experience for me.”

Brenda Schori

CountySt. Joseph
Handwoven Textiles
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Drawn by simple curiosity, Canadian native Brenda Schori walked into a weaving supply shop 30 years ago and immediately knew she wanted to learn how to weave after discovering a beautiful loom warped with gorgeous colors and yarn textures sitting inside a sunny window.

“The shop owner connected me with a teacher to show me the basics and I quickly became totally captivated by it,” she says. “I love the whole process of weaving, because each step requires something that is individually challenging and rewarding.”

Brenda approaches each of her designs as individual works of art with an eye toward producing distinctive textiles that best represent her unique hand-woven brand.

“Whether for a scarf, shawl or article of simple clothing, my goal is always to produce a solid and intriguing design for the entire piece,” Brenda says. “They are always original.”

The beginning stages of developing each new design taps into Brenda’s creative side, she says, while also challenging the mathematical side of her brain to solve the puzzle of producing structurally sound cloth.

“The color choices and combinations step has literally taken years for me to get comfortable with and I am always finding myself discovering and trying something new,” the master weaver says. “I love that even after 30 years, I am still finding new areas to explore that delight and challenge me.”

Living in Indiana for nearly 20 years, Brenda says she’s found an environment of innovation, grounded in the traditional, that truly resonates with her rural Canadian roots. She also admires the healthy level of pride that Indiana Artisans demonstrate in their work as artisans.

“The spirit of pride in community is one that echoes well with my personal history and interest as a craftsperson,” Brenda says.

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