Carrie Wright

“I have always been inspired by the beauty of Indiana landscapes, fields that stretch to the horizons of both the rising and setting sun.”

Carrie Wright

Hand-Painted Silk
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Silk artist Carrie Wright considers herself living proof that it’s never too late in life to follow your dreams. She left a career in corporate America more than a decade ago to pursue her artistic passions.

In 2018, after designing and stitching multiple wedding garments, and creating several pairs of massive silk-painted banners for her church, Carrie turned her passion into a legitimate business she named, simply, Carrie Wright Silk.

As one of the oldest techniques for creating permanently pigmented garments, silk painting allows dye to flow into the cells within the silk fiber, bonding with the cell proteins, thereby permanently altering the silk thread.

“I use high quality dyes that require my silk paintings to be steam set, a process that makes the finished painting completely colorfast, vibrant and hand washable without fear of fading the color,” Carrie says. “I exclusively use 100% silk in my work, never a blend. As an animal protein, silk is a completely natural substrate, is luxuriously wearable, and shockingly durable, too!”

Born and raised in northern Delaware County, Carrie’s pieces focus on timeless beauty, not fashion fads, and her designs follow her own personal style.

“I welcome influences from the Far East silk painting masters, clean design disciplines of the Japanese kimono textile creators, forward-thinking creativity of European designers, and the freedom of expression exhibited by our great fine art painters,” she says.

“I digest these influences into my own creative soul, and then allow them to inform the work that pours back out of me in my own unique expression of what I deem to be a beautiful composition,” she adds. “The images I choose to create in my work are usually familiar to Midwestern eyes, and it is my deepest hope the work provokes joy in others.”

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