DeMaris Glazier

“Every piece of glass has a quality and potential that is just waiting to become something larger than itself.”

DeMaris Glazier

Stained Glass Mosaic Mirrors
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The exacting work of creating the right mix of shapes, patterns and colors in mosaic glass work requires great attention to detail. It’s a trait DeMaris Glazier says she learned from her mother.

“She had the most beautiful handwriting, she could ice a cake flawlessly, she could draw anything, and she even cut coupons right down the middle of the dotted line!” DeMaris says of her mom. “I learned from her how important it is to get it right, every detail, whatever it was.

“And if your name was going to be attached to it, it better be your very best work,” she adds. “That’s how I’ve approached my life as an artist.”

While her artwork began with an apprenticeship in a stained glass studio in 1994, today the self-taught mosaic artist owns and operates Mud Horse Art in Nashville.

“Every piece of glass has a quality and potential that is just waiting to become something larger than itself,” she says. “I love that a bland-looking sheet of glass can become a stunning piece of art when it’s cut up and arranged just right around a mirror.”

The native Hoosier is also proud to use Indiana glass from the oldest glass manufacturer in the United States, Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co.

“Twice a year I make the trip north to Kokomo and bring home a truckload of new glass,” she says. “It makes me smile just to think of it. Those are probably my two most anticipated days of the year.”

DeMaris hopes to not only add color and joy to a home, but also contribute to people’s appreciation of art and fine craft in general.

“I want people to see things created so well and with such exquisite craftsmanship that they’ll choose quality every time,” she says.

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