Easley Winery

“Easley Winery is known for its sweet, happy wines. We also make beautiful, robust wines, and we handcraft our own Indiana Champagne once a year.”

Easley Winery

Easley Winery
205 N. College Avenue
Open To The Public

Do you have a dream? Jack and Joan Easley had a dream.

In 1974, they pioneered a path for all Indiana wineries by opening Easley Winery in downtown Indianapolis. After planting 40 acres of vineyards in 1971 in Crawford County, the Easleys were ready to swing open their doors and start serving wine in the Cole-Noble neighborhood of Indianapolis.

Realizing their dream, Jack, a tax attorney, and Joan, owner of a market research company, shifted career gears to join the small agriculture community of wine and grape growing.

Today their son, Mark, along with his wife, Meredith, their three daughters, and their amazing team work to shape and steer Easley Winery into its sixth decade.

“Developing sweet, fruity, happy wines is where I love spending my time,” says Meredith Easley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our dry and robust wines like Cabernet Sauvignon are award-winning and I have popped several corks on those wines at home, but the thrill of twisting off a cap of our Reggae Margarita and sitting down with a shrimp fajita can’t be beaten.”

To make their wines possible, they count on a bountiful annual fall harvest of grapes. While the grapes are fermented, filtered, barrel-aged, and blended on site, 85% of their grapes are grown within less than a seven-hour drive from the winery.

Easley offers an extensive wine list, all of which are available at the winery, but keep your eyes open for their most popular brands, such as Reggae and Sweet Tulip wines when you shop in Indiana and surrounding states.

If you are looking for a special treat only found at Easley Winery, try their Indiana Champagne. Yes, they can call it “champagne,” due to a French Treaty, and it’s made with Indiana’s official grape, Traminette. A Hoosier delicacy.

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