James Wamsley

“To me, wood joinery is the definition of quality craftsmanship.”

James Wamsley


James Wamsley, a self-taught furniture maker from Wolcott, Ind., started woodworking with hand tools at the age of 9 when he first built a large, wooden toolbox for his grandfather to store his work tools.

Today, James specializes in wood joinery techniques, creating beautiful and functional furniture, as well as attractive keepsake boxes, using Indiana hardwoods. James says using wood joinery to construct his furniture ensures durability and longevity for his pieces, and adds astounding beauty.

“There is no better way to fit furniture parts together,” James says. “No metal fastener can hold furniture together like a wood joint. A wood joint lasts a long time, and is aesthetically beautiful.”

James handpicks the best hardwoods for his furniture, and takes extra measures to use as much wood joinery as possible when designing his pieces. He says he puts careful thought into each board he selects.

The finish on each piece of furniture or keepsake box is also a labor of love, as James hand rubs each piece with the finest oils and varnishes. He spends the extra time and energy focusing on the finish because “everyday use” is a top priority in each and every piece.

The White County craftsman says he lives by three core values as he constructs his sturdy wooden pieces:

  • Set high standards to ensure heirloom quality.
  • Design, build and finish for everyday use.
  • Wood joinery construction for durability.

James’ vision is to work with designers and clients to provide the highest quality furniture and cabinets in design, materials and finishes.

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