Lisa Pelo

“I equate my color palette and color preferences to a Hoosier style. I love vivid, live, brilliant, clean color.”

Lisa Pelo

Blown, cast, slumped and fused glass
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Viewing herself as an artist since she was 10 years old, Lisa Pelo took art classes, tried different media and even worked in an art supply store. In college she happened to take a glass blowing class and loved it.

She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in glass blowing from Bowling Green State University and has been making original glass creations for about 17 years.
The process of making glass art and the medium itself continually captivates her.

“Glass is its own inspiration,” she says. “The challenge of controlling it better and making more elaborate and complex forms is a lifelong project.”

Glass art demands quick and efficient work. Lisa often must make split-second decisions or risk missing an opportunity and end up creating something very different than what she intended. She designs her work with the goal of creating pieces that are unique.

All of Lisa’s work incorporates light and bright colors.

“I equate my color palette and color preferences to a Hoosier style,” she says. “I love vivid, live, brilliant, clean color. When the light can come in and out of the form through the color to create its own visual interest regardless of the form, that is a skill that has to be honed.”

To create the palette, she has to know the chemical recipe for each color and how hot and cold temperatures affect each one.

As owner/operator/instructor at Hot Blown Glass, Ltd., Lisa conducts classes, private lessons, studio rentals, workshops, tour and group demonstrations, hands-on projects and open studios in Clayton, IN. Lisa also owns Hot Blown Glass Mobile Hot Shop to conduct glass blowing demonstrations at various off-site venues and events.

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