Mercedes Brugh

“When somebody likes what I make — enough to put it on their body or give it to somebody they care about — I feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

Mercedes Brugh

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called architecture frozen music. Glass artist Mercedes Brugh composes her own version of timeless and wearable architecture, one piece of jewelry at a time.

Originally from Ohio, Mercedes has designed jewelry for more than 30 years. “Growing up, I could never find jewelry that I liked so I started making my own,” she says.

Working first in gold and gems, Mercedes turned to glass work after a course at Urban Glass in New York City in 2001. She starts each piece with an original drawing that is then etched into the metallic dichroic coating on the glass. She then stacks pieces together and fuses them together at 1450°F.

Different colors in the jewelry result from how the glass pieces combine when they melt. While each piece is unique, they all share a tiny signature in the drawing. It is only authentic Frozen Music when you find her hallmark “MB.”

Mercedes applied to Indiana Artisan as a way to connect people to the value and beauty of handmade objects.

“My customers are first attracted to how Frozen Music looks, but many times it is the story behind the work that gives them special satisfaction,” she says.

She hopes Indiana Artisan can help build an appreciation for artists across the state, especially in the galleries and gateways of Indiana.

“Airports, bus stations, train stations all should be carrying Indiana art,” Mercedes says. “We can be a source of pride for Indiana.”

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