Peggy Breidenbach

“Each creation is a singular expression through which I hope to express a sense of calmness, wonder and simplicity.”

Peggy Breidenbach

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Peggy Breidenbach is an Indianapolis-based ceramic artist and educator. She says her sculptural work mines her own life experiences – “growing up, mothering, loss, aging and the fragile beauty of now – to not only better understand my own humanity, but also to remind viewers of theirs.”

When not creating ceramic art in her studio, Peggy enjoys journaling, reading, poetry and spending time outdoors.

“My ceramic forms reference those found in nature – seeds, bones, stones and fossils – artifacts of the living world,” she says. “By enlarging them to elevate their beauty and impact, they become potent metaphors for themes I aim to explore.”

Peggy came to ceramics as a second career and has developed her craft over many years of university and art center classes, numerous workshops and much trial and error. She has taught ceramics at the Indianapolis Art Center since 2003. She regularly exhibits her work in shows in Indiana and beyond.

Clay captivates Peggy because of its potential, its characteristics and its history. “Clay as a medium presents almost unlimited possibilities as far as techniques, forms and finishes,” she says. “Also, when you consider that it originates from the earth and its role in history, civilization and culture, it’s easy to become enamored with the medium and to feel very connected to it when you’re working in it.”

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Findings - New Work by Peggy Breidenbach
Oct 6
- Oct 21
/ Opening reception First Friday, October 6, 6-9 pm
950 Hosbrook Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203
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