Steven Skinner

“I grew up in a small, rural community in Illinois, and now many years later living in the small, rural Indiana community of New Carlisle, I very much feel like I’ve returned to my roots.”

Steven Skinner

CityNew Carlisle
CountySt. Joseph
Functional and sculptural pottery
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Moving from Chicago to rural Indiana is a big change of pace in many aspects. For Steven Skinner, it inspired a shift to a different art form.

Steven had been a printmaker, painter and watercolor painter for more than 20 years until he moved to Indiana, where his attention shifted toward pottery.

“Living now in the country, I realize I no longer can make art focused on big cities like Chicago, so four years ago I began exploring making pottery,” says Steven. “I feel pottery is a more rural-based medium.”

Steven describes his work as authentic in the sense that he creates art without the hindrance of outside influence.

“My work always has a strong sensory quality, both visually and tactilely. My pots are fun to hold,” he says.

He is, however, influenced by cultures from previous eras, plus 20th century art movements such as Dada and Pop. The improvisation pottery offers inspires him to mold his works into one-of-a-kind pieces.

“Working as spontaneously as I do, my work is self-expressive with a style unique to who I am as an artist, a sculptor, a potter and a craftsperson,” Steven says.

For him, being an Indiana Artisan is an enormous honor, and he is eager to share his art with fellow Hoosiers.

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