Jon Vance

“The Indiana Artisan Marketplace opened the door for so many to enjoy my artwork. I certainly hope to continue to produce a product worthy of this Indiana Artisan brand.”

Jon Vance

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Jon Vance’s love for photography resulted in more than 35,000 images over a 10-year span. But his art changed in 2009, when he began creating a 3-D effect with his photos by layering the images.

The change from solely photography to art-through-photography began during the holidays when his niece, a graduate student in the art department at Kent State University, made a 3-D photo. Within a week, Jon had made a 3-D photo of a local covered bridge as a gift for his parents.

“My family was amazed at my work and encouraged me to do more, so I did and sold more than 150 of them,” he says.

All of his work begins with a basic, two-dimensional photograph. Jon makes multiple copies, and then hand cuts and layers the images to create depth.

“By adding the 3-D process, my photos come alive,” he says. “I have been told, ‘When looking at your photos, it’s like looking out the window.’ Others have asked, ‘Is it real?’”

People’s reactions to his work continue to inspire him.

As far as Jon knows, only one other business in the world creates something remotely similar to his artwork: a European company that cuts photos with a laser and is considerably more expensive.

All of his artwork is personally hand cut for precision and 3-D interpretation, creating a more homemade and authentic feel.

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