Diane and Dan Wibbels

“Our pieces are more than just garments. We create pieces that express or engage the mood of the wearer.”

Diane and Dan Wibbels


After 15 years of studying weaving and spinning in Appalachia, and 40 years of weaving at home in southern Indiana, a family hobby developed into an undying fiber art passion for Diane and Dan Wibbels.

The couple turned their focus full-time to their art as retirement from teaching elementary school approached. Countless classes deepened their already extensive knowledge of various fiber techniques and the history and legacy of weaving during Indiana’s early days.

For the Wibbels, the outcome results in textiles using traditional, handmade methods.

Dan and Diane’s fascination of fabrics comes straight from their desire to create lovely, elegant fabric and the ways in which combinations of colors and textures play together to create the base for a piece.

“Our pieces are more than just garments,” they say. “We create pieces that express or engage the mood of the wearer. We choose every fiber, design every stripe and embellishment in order to create a piece with an individual look and feel.”

Dan and Diane believe living in the Hoosier state has had an impact on their work. They create a sense of authenticity by utilizing traditional methods and patterns Indiana settlers used, but do so to fashion modern creations.

Becoming an Indiana Artisan has allowed these fiber artists to reach out to a wider audience and deepen the connection to their Hoosier roots.

“Being an Indiana Artisan is an incredible validation of our artistry, and we are thrilled to be a part of that tradition.”

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