Lily Pai

“A central theme I like to bring out in my jewelry is ‘life’ — in all its beauty, the connections we make, the delicate balance, the colorfulness, the contrasts, the emotions we experience as we go through life’s roller coaster journey.”

Lily Pai

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Artists who describe the evolution of their work as a journey don’t mean it as literally as metalsmith jewelry maker Lily Pai does.

While her journey from India to Indiana came by way of the United Kingdom and a career in architecture, her passion for artistic details blossomed right here in the Hoosier State.

“Indiana has enabled my life to be filled with an appreciation for culture and art,” she says. “Here, I have developed some deep friendships that help during the good times, as well as the dark moments. My experiences developed in me a larger purpose to impact the community, be it in enhancing education for kids or enabling women to emerge stronger.”

In Indianapolis, she enhanced her own education, taking a metalsmithing class at the Indianapolis Art Center.

“Over the last 10 years, I have been able to learn and express my art there,” she says, “working across various aspects of metalsmithing — designing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and experimenting with hollow forms and enamel.

Lily’s work in sterling silver and copper metals incorporates semi-precious beads, gemstones, enamel, and gold accents to bring out colors and hues that enhance her art.

“Each of my pieces strive to bring out various aspects of life in today’s world,” she says. “The interconnected hand-made link chains depict the connectivity we have with others. The inscribed rings reflect the various bubbles or activities we hold together through the phases of life. Other elements show the delicate balance we strive to achieve in our lives.”

Lily uses a rolling mill and hammers to add texture to her designs, soldering components together to ensure durability. She focuses on the emotion she wants “her audience” to connect with while also creating jewelry with an elegant, comfortable and durable feel to it.

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Apr 14
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Marigold Clothing, Broad Ripple Village
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