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“We’re a fourth-generation, family-owned-and-operated farm and orchard, celebrating more than 90 years of growing award-winning apples and produce. We love local!”

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Gourmet Apple Sauces and Apple Butters

Known locally as a favorite farm destination for Indianapolis-area families to enjoy year-round, Tuttle Orchards is also gaining recognition for its gourmet applesauce and apple butters served right on the farm.

General Manager Ruth Ann Roney — one of the fourth-generation apple orchard owners and operators descending from the Tuttle and Roney family tree — says each batch of handcrafted applesauce and apple butters is made with Tuttle Orchards apples.

“We’re using the same recipe we’ve used for a very long time,” Ruth Ann says of the delicious gourmet apple concoctions. “We sell our apple butters and apple sauces in our farm store, and we use them in all of our food service areas when you come to eat on the farm.”

When Ruth Ann first started working at Tuttle Orchards, the popular Café served lunch and treats made with a local, farm-to-table approach, but served only a mass-produced applesauce.

“People are coming for food on the farm … why don’t we have applesauce made with our own apples?” Ruth Ann asked. “So, that’s what began this whole process. It’s important for people to experience quality applesauce and apple butters.”

Roy and Tillie Tuttle, the first generation of Tuttles, planted the first apple trees in 1928. They passed ownership to their daughter, Virginia Tuttle, and her husband, Raymond Roney, who produced the third generation of owners, Tom Roney Sr. and Mike Roney. Today, Ruth Ann serves as general manager and her brother, Thomas Roney, runs the production side. Their parents, Mike and Helen Roney, also remain active.

Growing more than 35 varieties of apples and more than 50 varieties of produce on the 200-acre farm, the Roneys still operate Tuttle Orchards with the same farm-to-table approach, often partnering with local farmers and other artisans to market their products.

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